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First Images Obtained by Resurs-P №2 Spacecraft

06 января 2015

First Images Obtained by Resurs-P №2 Spacecraft

On January 5, the first test images were obtained by the Geoton-Sangur high-detail facilities in the panchromatic and spectral modes, as well as by wide-range high-resolution facilities installed on Resurs-P №2. The adjustment, tests, and calibration of the whole target equipment complex continues up to now.

At 9.55 p.m. Moscow time on December 26, 2014, Soyuz-2.1 b ILV and Resurs-P №2, a promising Russian RSE spacecraft, were launched from the launch complex of Baikonur’s pad 31.

The equipment installed in the Resurs-P №2, allows to carry out high resolution imaging of the Earth surface in panchromatic and five narrow spectral bands with a resolution of 1.0 and 3.0 - 4.0 meters respectively in the band with a width of 38 km; wide-range path imaging with the path range of 97 and 441 km and a resolution of 12.0 and 60.0 m in panchromatic bands; and to carry out hyper-spectral imaging in 96 spectral intervals with a resolution of 25 - 30 m.

In addition, the Resurs-P №2 contains the equipment for the automatic identification of ships and scientific equipment Nucleon.

The Federal space program of Russia for the fourth quarter of 2015 includes the launch of Resurs-P №3.

Roscosmos press service