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Innovative center

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Innovative center

Who are we?

Innovative center was created for developing software to simplifying access to geoinformation, the possession of which is necessary for terrain analysis.

Our specialists, using their knowledge and many years of experience, will be able to implement an information system able to quickly provide the geo-information required to handle them.

Innovative center

What are we doing?

We process the Earth remote sensing data.

We work on major international and Russian projects, for commercial and government enterprises, financial institutions, structures at the federal and regional levels.

We are developing a software for processing spatial data using remote sensing technologies Earth sounding.

Innovative center

Why are we doing this?

We are confident that geographic information systems are the most important tool for terrain exploration, which solves many problems in the field National economy.

Company's business scope


Innovative center develops specialized software for government and commercial organizations

Processing of satellite
imagery materials

Innovative center performs processing Satellite imagery and thematic processing

Development of geographic
information systems

Innovative center creates specialized GIS - customer specific system

Creation of storage systems
and information management

Innovative center creates storage systems and space data management


Innovative center provides training and software for educational institutions


In IMC implemented list of methods for processing ERS data from pre-processing preformed thematic vector layers, saturated attribute information.

Material processing can be carried out at the operator's workplace or on a remote server, which allows you to process large volumes raster and vector data online.

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