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Application of IMC software package
in the field of ecology


Global environmental problems on planet Earth are inextricably linked to human activities and their impact on the environment.

Activities such as:

  • deforestation;
  • water pollution;
  • soil contamination;
  • fires;

cause irreparable damage to the environment.

IMC software package can help to solve the main environmental problems:

  • assessment of environmental damage;
  • detection and localization of deformations of oil and gas pipelines;
  • detection of oil film on the surface of water bodies;
  • identification of oil-contaminated lands;
  • identification of oppressed vegetation;
  • monitoring and assessment of specially protected natural areas;
  • detection of dumps and other tasks.
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Examples of environmental
monitoring with IMC

The software package IMAGE MEDIA CENTER allows you to organize automated monitoring of the state of our planet. automated monitoring of the state of our planet.

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