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Tasks of the week

Weekly review of relevant tasks in the IMC

Cloud removal
on space images

Satellite images create a great prospect for continuous environmental monitoring and Earth observation.

Nowadays, satellite imagery is mostly taken in clear, cloudless weather, which allows obtaining high-quality images of a given area and reducing the amount of work at the preprocessing stage, but this is not always the case.

Shadows created by clouds can severely limit coverage, making it difficult to extract ground-based information.

There is an automated tool for cloud and shadow removal on space images in IMC software.

View the solution
to the cloud removal problem


Spatial resolution of a space image has a direct impact on its interpretation. The higher the resolution, the more detailed information we can get about the mapped area.

There is a specialized tool for pan-sharpening in IMC software package, which allows to generate a complex image in natural colors with panchromatic image resolution.

It is possible to generate pan-sharpening by different methods.

Have a look at how
pansharpening is carried out

Multi-temporal analysis

Space monitoring data are widely used to study the Earth's surface.

One of the purposes of space monitoring is to search for changes in the Earth surface state using multi-temporal remote sensing data.

Image Media Center software package provides possibility to perform multi-temporal analysis by several methods for images of different details: subtraction of multi-temporal images, obtaining multi-temporal indices, pixel analysis and color synthesis of multi-temporal images.

Take a look at an example
of a multi-temporal analysis