The vacancy is closed, but if you have a huge desire to work in our company, you can send the summary on and to wait for interview invitation.




  • development of the applied software;
  • participation in a full cycle of development of information systems: from design before writing of technical documentation.

Working conditions:

  • free schedule;
  • employment of three days a week to full;
  • the salary on result of an interview;
  • friendly staff;
  • prospects of growth.
  • Our vacancies are open both for experts with experience, and for students of older years of mathematical and technical faculties.

It is necessary:

  • know at least one of programming languages: C ++, C#, WEB;
  • to know applied mathematics at the level of at least average courses of the technical university, and it is better - more;
  • ready to be constant to study and use technologies, new to itself;
  • to be able to work in team.

It is welcomed:

  • knowledge of applied algorithms of processing of images, compression of images, devices of widespread formats;
  • knowledge of SQL, experience with DBMS - MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle;
  • experience of development of web interfaces by means of Ajax, knowledge of JavaScript;
  • experience of development client-server and web applications;
  • knowledge of the classes MFC, experience with Visual Studio;
  • experience with J2EE (EJB, JSF technologies, application servers Glassfish, JBoss);
  • experience of development of web applications for C# + ASP.NET, knowledge of Silverlight;
  • any experience with GIS, especially server is very much welcomed: ArcGIS, MapXtreme, MapServer.



If you correspond at least to a part of requirements, feel desire to participate in development of the modern Russian innovative software - surely write or call and send the summary and come to an interview!