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Hubble has taken a unique ultraviolet image of Jupiter
Hubble has taken a unique ultraviolet image of Jupiter




10 ноября 2023

In this newly obtained image from the Hubble Space Telescope, the planet Jupiter is depicted in a color composition of ultraviolet waves, NASA reported. The image was released in honor of the opposition of Jupiter, which happened on November 3. Confrontation is a phenomenon during which a planet or other celestial body, the Sun and the Earth line up in one line.


Notable in this picture is the famous huge storm the Great Red Spot. In this ultraviolet image, it appears darker because haze particles at high altitudes absorb light at these wavelengths. The researchers plan to map deep clouds using Hubble data to determine their three-dimensional structures in Jupiter's atmosphere.


Hubble's ultraviolet observation capabilities allow astronomers to study short, high-energy wavelengths of light beyond what the human eye can see. So this is an image in artificial colors — the images were assigned colors in the visible spectrum of light, each of which was taken with different UV filters.


This is reported by Rambler