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The French sent 12 bottles of wine into space.

07 августа 2023

The French sent 12 bottles of wine into space.

French startup Space Cargo Unlimited has sent 12 bottles of wine to the ISS to check whether the aging process of the drink will be different from what is happening on Earth. TechCrunch writes about this.


Bottles with a drink will spend a year in space. Simultaneously with them, samples of the same wine will "age", but already on Earth.


The samples will be stored in identical glass bottles at a temperature of +18 degrees Celsius. What kind of wine went into space is not specified.



Photograph: Space Cargo Unlimited


In Space Cargo Unlimited, it is assumed that the wines will differ in taste, since the "space" wine will be under the influence of microgravity and cosmic radiation. After the cargo from the ISS returns to Earth, the wine samples will be compared. The startup calls its goal the study of the future of agriculture in conditions of constant changes on Earth.


The project was financially supported by several sponsors who will be able to get a bottle of "space" wine, writes Quartz. Space Cargo Unlimited believes that a bottle of this wine will be a great gift for any collector.


In 2011, samples of whiskey were already sent to the ISS. According to the project participants, in two years in space, the drink has aged by five years. Nanoracks, the company that sent whiskey into space, now wants to build its own space station.


A few days before the wine, dough and an oven were sent into space so that the astronauts could bake cookies for themselves. The "Journey" is sponsored by the DoubleTree By Hilton hotel chain.


Source: RTVI