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The Rostec Institute has created a high-strength adhesive that can be used in space

03 апреля 2023

The Rostec Institute has created a high-strength adhesive that can be used in space

The Rostec Institute, as part of import substitution, has created an adhesive that can be used, including in outer space. This was reported to journalists in the state corporation on Friday.


"Research Institute of Polymers named after Academician V. A. Kargin (under the management of ONPE "Technology" is part of the Rostec State Corporation) has created a high-strength adhesive for working in extreme conditions, including in outer space. The material provides fixation and sealing of metal parts experiencing variable dynamic loads," Rostec noted.


As specified in the state corporation, the glue is a high-strength composition that can remain in its original state for a long time and harden very quickly. The final strength of such glue is high. According to Andrey Silkin, General director of the ONPP "Technology" named after A. G. Romashin, the production of this material will increase.


"After the start of ITS (special military operation - approx. TASS) many foreign companies have stopped the supply of materials for industry and, in particular, adhesives for metal joints. Created by our specialists, "Anaterm-118" complies with international quality standards established for materials of high-tech industries. It withstands high temperatures, has chemical resistance and can replace Western analogues, while being 20% cheaper. We plan to increase the production of these products in order to completely cover the needs of Russian enterprises," Silkin is quoted as saying in a Rostec message distributed on Friday.


The state corporation added that the Polymer Research Institute plans to expand the range of high-strength adhesives and sealants for work in extreme conditions in order to fully satisfy the domestic industry.


Source: TASS