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NASA has presented a spacesuit for walking on the moon

20 марта 2023

NASA has presented a spacesuit for walking on the moon

NASA has presented a prototype of a spacesuit that astronauts will use during the landing on the surface of the Moon. As expected, it will be needed already in 2025 - as part of the Artemis 3 mission.


According to AFP, the spacesuit was demonstrated by Jim Stein, chief engineer of Axiom Space, with which the American space Agency signed a contract for its creation (the contract amount was $ 228.5 million). When astronauts wear this suit, it will be white, this color is traditionally chosen to protect a person from the sun's rays. However, now the suit was black with patches of dark blue and orange colors. Such a trick was needed to hide some features from competitors. The fact is that NASA has not yet decided who it will work with during the subsequent Artemis missions (in 2027 it is planned to deliver astronauts to the lunar orbital station, in 2028 it will land at the south pole of the Moon, and in 2029 it will also land).


 skafandr nasa



The suit is designed with a variety of adjustable parts, suitable for bodies of any size and providing increased flexibility. According to Russell Ralston, deputy head of the spacewalk program at Axiom Space, materials were used to create the spacesuit that will allow a person to withstand extremely harsh conditions on the surface of the Earth's satellite, temperatures from +50 °C to -200 °C, exposure to dust and sharp stones. He also noted that the suits will not be created for a specific astronaut, they will be standard, although of different sizes, and adjustable details will help to fit the figure.


As for the helmet, it is equipped with front lights with a high-resolution camera, which will allow live monitoring of the moon landing. Astronauts will carry a large backpack with life support systems on their backs.


As the developers assure, you can stay in such a spacesuit for at least eight hours in a row, conducting scientific research on the surface of the Earth's satellite.


Interestingly, initially people imagined a spacesuit for going into space in silver color. It was in this form that he was depicted in Life magazine in 1958. However, such a suit could not withstand a collision with reality. As it turned out, silver reflects the sun's rays, which threatened to blind the astronauts. The problem was already revealed by the first spacewalk. Therefore, the spacesuits were repainted white.


Source: RG.RU