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The strongest Class X flash occurred on the Sun.

11 января 2023

The strongest Class X flash occurred on the Sun.

A strong flash occurred on Monday evening on the Sun, follows from the information provided on the website of the Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun of the Institute for Space Research (ICI) RAS and the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISSF) Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


According to the presented schedule, the outbreak of class X1.9 began at 21.37 Moscow time, peaked by 21.50 and ended at 21.57.


This is the 15th outbreak for January 9th. There have already been 11 weak Class C and three medium Class M outbreaks on Monday.


Solar flares can cause magnetic storms on Earth, which, in turn, cause failures in the operation of power systems, and also affect the migration routes of birds and animals. Severe storms cause disruptions of shortwave communications and navigation systems, as well as voltage failures in industrial networks.


Also, increased solar activity can expand the geography of observations of auroras.


Source: RIA Novosti