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Explore the world
with IMC

innovative software
for spatial data processing

Monitoring of water objects
Monitoring of Ice Situation
Monitoring of crops
Monitoring of fires
Earth remote sensing data processing

Russian software for spatial data processing


IMC provides users with a wide range of options:

  • processing of spatial data and raster images;
  • working with vector data and vector object styles;
  • Earth remote sensing data processing.

Work in IMC will be appreciated by both ordinary users and specialists in the field of digital image processing and geographic information systems.

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We invite you to a fascinating
journey across Russia together with IMC

Discover the possibilities of the program complex and see the solution of thematic problems on a visual example.

Industry specific solutions

The IMC software system is a multifunctional solution of tasks, suitable for various industries and spheres of life.

Monitor and forecast
emergencies with IMC

Spheres of application of IMC software package and its capabilities in monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations.

Tasks of the week

Weekly review of current tasks in the IMC program software

IMC for learning

Innovative Center actively develops cooperation with Russian universities in the field of Earth remote sensing data processing.

If your university needs to provide advanced remote sensing data processing tools, we are always ready to consider partnership opportunities.

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IMC for business

Innovative Center offers a wide range of business opportunities, offering ready-made solutions for the needs of your organization, as well as the possibility of creating completely new modules of the program for your tasks.

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География использования IMC

Программный комплекс IMC используется во многих городах России и за рубежом, в коммерческих организациях, образовательных учреждениях, государственных и финансовых структурах.

More about IMC

More IMC features, as well as ways to
how to purchase the software